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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  October 25, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a cop is being attacked when a bystander grabs the suspect. >> and eventually body slams him. >> hear about the unlikely hero who saved the day. a woman spots something in her bag of lettuce. >> you're never going to believe what this is. >> especially because it was still alive. >> i knew were you coming --
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>> some go-cart kids find themselves running shotgun. >> the story behind the surprise of a lifetime. plus, we'll reveal today's buzzword for your chance to score an ipad 3 and a baby wallaby learns to hop for the very first time. >> very creepily, too. >> what? >> seems kind of scary. got a really cool story of an unlikely hero. we saw this story on ktxa. you see officer billy taylor running away from a suspect. the suspect allegedly high on pcp. that's samuel dewey jackson attacking officer taylor. >> oh, my goodness. >> officer taylor has his billy club out but that doesn't seem to have any affect on the suspect. >> he really went ballistic. he was going after anybody that got in front of him. >> in steps 45-year-old charles alexander. you see him pulling the suspect away, and then eventually body
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slams him. >> something i had to do. he went straight for the officer. and i was -- it wasn't doing any good. this guy was really pcp'd out. >> he's a homeless man. a former cripp gang leader and drug dealer. >> oh, my goodness. what an interesting turn of events. >> right. he says in was a point in time in his life where he would not have assisted the cops. obviously, when he was back with his gang. >> he's obviously turned his life around and now is trying to do good, and in this case he did. >> officer taylor was by himself. you quickly see in the video, once alexander helps him out, other patrol cars to assist. bystanders say it could have been a lot worse if it wouldn't for him. >> he would have been hurt. he wanted to thank me for helping him gelt out of the situation. >> the officer is on leave with a couple dislocated fingers and other injuries. samuel dewey jackson, the
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suspect, does face charges for assaulting an officer. you have 0 take a look at this video we gawk from wftv in florida. you're never going to believe what this is. >> something moving. >> yeah. that is a live frog inside an unopened bag of salad mix. >> what? >> a woman named juanita hitman isn't lake county florida, went to walmart and bought a bag of market side salad mix. took it home. was, you know, doing stuff in her kitchen. noticed, like, legs, or like a hand. i'm like, oh, my gosh. bang, bang -- something is in this bag. it's moving, it's moving. >> i'm not surprised it was still alive. a lot of stuff to nibble on. >> poor little good night, swept up in the process. >> contacted the manufacturer, contacted the company that made the salad mix. according to reports, the fda did come to her house and inspect the bag.
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they have not commented yet on their inspection. we did reach out to walmart, and they had this to say. this fails to meet our high quality food at every level and reached out to the customer who expressed our sincerest apologies and reached out 0 market side, the make of the sally and they did not get back us to by our deadline. >> this doesn't shock me, surprise me and doesn't gross me out. where do you think frogs live, people? >> out in the wild. what's alarming about this, most of these bags are marked pre-washed. people dump the salad mix into the bowl and serve it to their families. >> the manufacturing company has to have some sort of due diligence. right? >> of course. >> what other bag would have a frog in it? one frog gets into one bag of salad and we're freaked out? >> yes. i'm never going to buy bagged salad again. for some reason to me and many others, every day across america, people forget that red light means you're supposed to
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stop. here's a roundup of a bunch of examples of just that. my friends at atf, accidents caught on red light cameras from all over the country. miami springs, florida. yellow -- boom. both drivers claim top have had the light in this instance. i think the truck made the wrong move, fwhau cab cobecause that b was almost through the intersection. here's one from wilmington, north carolina. one clearly going through the red light. you see that driver, car still operable. you see him take off there at the end. this guy might end up in hot aware after this i. can't believe that car is sill operable. >> you won't believe this one. university park, maryland. guys go to make a left from the middle lane. hit as police car. not only are you getting a ticket, now you just ran into the person who's going to give you one. >> that was one of those awful drivers you can't stand. beating that line of traffic, trying to make a left and this
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guy -- it comes back to you. people drive the way they are in life. >> now to miami gardens, florida. i got to believe the driver here didn't even know there was a light here, because watch how fast this driver is just clearly going through a solid red. looks like this guy actually stopped instead of taking off. and this one just confuses me. piscataway, new jersey, looks like a green her. a red here. both go up through the intersection and one into oech oenchts the only ones on the road going in the same direction. >> yeah. things will get -- every now and then. but the weirdness of this video, thankfully in all of these video, no serious injuries, no deaths, but just a lot of studenty out there on the road. ipad giveaway alert. >> we're about to give away another ipad 3. so grab your pen and paper and stand by. >> a littl later we'uz enter today's giveaway. >> and i've got to say, any day that you win an ipad is a pretty
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good day. >> a very good day. for your chance to win when we give you the buzzword a little later, go to our facebook page, >> when you click on the ipad giveaway and enter the buzzword. >> we'll give you today's buzzword in just a little bit. so get ready to write it down. this is supposed to be a four-day trip. they left around 2:30 in the afternoon, but 15 hours later, you're looking at footage of their rescue. by the r & r and helicopter off the coast of england. the boat is called the liquid vortex. the captain of the boat took students and his daughter out at night for a training boat ride that was supposed to take about four days. but here's the thing. there were warning there's would be force winds and he took them out anyway, even though there was testimony that said, hey, captain, maybe we shouldn't go. you know, it's nighttime. you know, the weather reports. but they went anyway and this is what happened 15 hours later. >> ooh. >> you're getting tossed around
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pretty good. >> the helmsman was knocked in the head and couldn't help out. these were people who were novices. only had basic boat training. so there was nothing they could do. plus, all five of the people in the boat school were so sickened from the 20-foot waves and the 55 mile-per-hour winds, they couldn't help with any kind of rescue. this incident happened on january 2nd of this year, but they are now in court trying to figure ourt who's really at fault. the prosecutor in the case says that the captain and one other person were responsible for a number of safety breaches. the captain said that he denies any of his actions were likely to cause injury or harm. it's an everything goes kind of fight. >> so -- so, wait. they're not, like, little rubber toy knives? >> see what rules where there are no rules, next. and a runway.
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did this plane really get out of the ground? >> thatting loose like a bird just took a dump on the window. >> a big bird. >> will the big bird fly? see what happens on "right this
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racing is religion in the south. particularly, south carolina. decided to invite big brother, big sisters and the boys and girls dloub a local gocart track. get them all in on the action of racing. >> they're at the nascar speed park at the mall. >> the kids weren't the only ones invited. tony stewart and ryan newman, two of the big names in car racing were also invited down to the speed park to race alongside the kids. it was a great day for the kids and the two race drivers. cool thing, they also had commentators along to d play-by-play scenario. >> what are your expectations for tonight's race? >> well, i just realistically don't want to crash the entire field like i did in tall la dag
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gag. >> awesome. >> i wonder how they stack up? i wonder if they're just as good in gocarts? >> lucky ducks. get to ride in the car with these drivers. >> riding shotgun with tony stewart. >> who won? >> the beauty, you win what would you do if you were out there, beth? >> i would be so excited. i would be going neck and neck. >> this was so much fun and the best nachos on the planet. >> this is so awesome! i have two super cute animal videos to share with you guys. the first one is of a baby wallaby whose name is billy. he is learning how to hop for the very first time. >> very creepily, too. >> what? >> seems kind of scary. >> a little wobbly, like any other baby when they're learning how to walk. >> i think it's the cutest thing ever. >> look like a giant rat to me. >> yeah, yeah. >> oh, you guy, hatin'. >> i've seen very similar guys
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in the new york city subway look a lot like that. >> he does. >> billy was rescued because he was droped by his mommy wallaby because he was trying to escape a fire. >> now i feel bald i made fun of him. >> yeah, you should. >> this one is also really cool. this one's in asheville, north carolina, and what do you see there on that trampoline? >> bear! >> right under the trampoline is mama bear keeping an eye on her cub that is chilling and jumping around, and then there comes, you know -- on his two hind legs, like, why are you having all the fun? >> start playing, and hopping around and jumping around on the trampoline. eventually gets bored of just watching, and she joins them. >> sound like this is in someone's backyard. >> imagine comi out of your house andees those guys? >> i imagine backyard. >> i thought there were wild trampolines out there. everyone has their hobbies,
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nick. i know you're into glass blowing and trapeze practice. >> uh-huh. >> well, for these guys and gals, their hobby is this. this is the dog brothers open from something called dog brothers martial arts. it looks like a mix of mma and weapons. chains, i saw a nunchacku in here. knives nap they're like, stabbing each other with. obviously they're not like, super-sharp knives but they look like they hurt. they can actually cut these people. except the clip to the guns nchn roses song, "welcome to the jungle." >> watch this. >> oh! >> you can hear the snap of these weapons. the chains banging into one another. it is just insanity, and at one point there's like a dude with like a hawaiian shirt on and cargo shorts, and he's got a chain, fighting the other guy. he's bleeding all over the place. it gets ugly out here and these
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are what these people do for fun! >> there's no whistle that blows when your helmet falls off and people can keep whacking you with a bat? >> it doesn't look like it. at some point there's a guy out there beating like a congo drum. i don't know what this is but apparently it's a thing that people do. >> oh. will ferrell does a little dove step. >> i feel like the directors had run out of ideas for will and said, you just will. >> find out what he's will-ing out for us, and see that. looks like the ground is moving. >> it looks like this tree is getting a big, old breath of air. >> the mystery of the breathing tree. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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to anybody that has been on a rather scary flight, nothing compares to this. this is in the region of russia north of mongolia on a runway that would you call maybe muddy? slushy? this is an a.m.-24 turboprop trying to make a takeoff through what looks to be the mud bog at the county fair. >> looks like something you snee a special effects in a hollywood movie. >> this summer -- >> it's crazy. the mud just flying and splashing all over the place. wheels up. it does get off the ground. >> match fn you're in the back of this plane and your window just gets completely covered up by the mud? >> oh, really? like this look, steven?
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>> yes. exactly. this is exactly what you're referring to. >> oh -- ah. oh my -- >> that's grow. >> looks like a bird just took a dump on the window. >> a big bird. >> i really feel we should start a kick-starter page for this airport that they can get some pavement. can you imagine landing in this mud? skidding all over the place? >> tell me there is a paved runway underneath all this mud? >> hey, i don't know. and, b, i don't think so. this was a very remote part of eastern russia. i heard that it's really beautiful this time of year. >> look how green it is. >> there goes your view, though, if you planned on looking out the window for the rest of your flight. >> there goes your heart. you see that fly up on your window. yeah, you're like, i'm not coming out of this. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. we know that will ferrell can dough weird really well. >> got that market cornered.
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>> i think he's out-weirded himself. ♪ >> what the heck is this? >> this is yet another spot for old milwaukee beer in sweden. they're airing on tv in sweden. >> i've never seen these ads. >> there's something called the internet. >> you can find this on the web? >> yeah. it's weird. they post a lot of videos on a site called youtube. >> could you write this stuff down for me? >> really could. >> it's funny, because the previous commercials that he's done have been the very old school '80s beer commercial, where he's like in a field talking about how good old milwaukee tastes. >> take this little piece america. old milwaukee. >> old [ bleep ]. >> i feel like the directors had run out of ideas for will and just said, you will. >> and he does will really well. >> i wonder how many kansas of old milwaukee had had before --
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one take. one take wonder. thanks again, will. it's "right this minute" ipad giveaway time and we've got today's buzzword. >> you know, beth, we going to give away 15 ipads, but everybody seems to be loving the giveaway. we're going to throw in another 8. >> more ipads, more chances to win. >> now it's time to reveal today's bus word. >> remember, you have to ent are the buzzword on our facebook page. >> today's buzzword is -- >> moon beam. now head over to our facebook page, and click on the ipad giveaway button. >>anter the buzzword moon beam. that's m-o-o-n b-e-a-m for your chance to win an ipad 3 and remember, tomorrow we'll be giving away another one. why did the bird cross the road? >> i have no idea, were ut we have two videos of them doing just that. first, it's a mallard migration.
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then, a swan situation. [ horn beeping ]
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i found a video that is going to help us draw a conclusion about android phone users. this one is called stuff android users say. this video was posted on youtube by a mobile cell phone. >> there's your problem. it's an iphone. >> how did you get here using apple math. >> i got a droid. >> this dude is trying to tell
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everyone why android phones are so much better than iphones but you know what? he's complaining, a little too cocky. >> i can hold it any way and still get full reception. >> stokes the flames between the debate between android and i moan users. >> why he has to be so cocky about it. >> look at me. i'm steve jobs. steve jobs. ooh -- ooh. >> definitely too soon. can't we all just get along? we could call each other on the phones that are used to connect us. >> i do agree with him on just one thing. >> steven -- >> yes? >> it is time for -- what the heck? >> this video is called "the breathing tree." >> why does the ground look like a stomach going like this? >> it looks like the earth is breathing. doesn't it? it looks like this tree is getting a big, old breath of air. >> i don't know what's happening
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here. it's another video that makes me think the tree people are real. >> tree people, tree people, tree people, tree people. >> i think we need to bring in our tree expert, our tree correspondent, zach. >> here is a relative of johnny appleseed, right? >> could be. >> you know a lot about trees and planting them and whatnot. >> right, right. >> tell us what's happening here? >> the tree is not breathing. trees do breathe, in a sense. they absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. >> which is why we love trees. >> the movement of this tree is probably caused by the wind. >> the wind's blowing the dirt? >> no. no, no, no. i think i have a theory here. this tree is about to be uprooted and the wind's blowing it by the top and bringing the roots from the ground up. >> you're a smart man, steven. a couple reasons why the wind could be causing this to happen. it could be that this tree has maybe not a very strong root system. also, topsoil here is very
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dense, but it could be the lower soil isn't at dense allowing the roots to move around more. >> so the tree people aren't real is what you're saying? >> what i'm saying is that this tree is not related to the tree people. >> okay. >> but there could be tree people out there? >> i guess there could be. >> oh, all right. why did the water fowl cross the road? i have no idea. two videos of just that. in cupertino, california. somebody submitted this video to "right this minute." a duck crossed the road, but then notices a migration is going o. ha. >> it's not just five duck the ducks you see keep coming. >> why waddlefly? >> imy it's mob mentality. saw the first one wobble across and thought, guess that's what i'll dough. >> maybe just wanted to go to the restaurant across the street and the viewer who put it on my channel said, let's just give them some treats. >> leave behind any fertilized
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eggs for you and steven to eat? >> let's jump across the pond to ireland. this swan decided, you know what? i'm just going to walk on the bridge. on a bridge in dublin, ireland and doesn't understand what to do when the light turns green. maybe he's lost. maybe using apple maps and doesn't know which way to go. >> that's a huge swan. >> see it next to the dcars? look at this nice pass per by. >> all of those speeding by the swan motorcycle, cars, bikes, i guy going like this flapping his arms? >> once on the sidewalk, raising the arms up to get it to flap away did not work, because it's just standing there. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the "rtm" top ten countdown.
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